Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty

We are planting seeds of hope through food sovereignty. Food is medicine. It is our responsibility to protect our people and help our neighbors.

In conjunction with the Munsee Three Sisters Medicinal Farm we are growing healthy food and distributing it to our community and other people who are in need. This saves lives, creates jobs, preserves community, and offers hope.

The Munsee Three Sisters Medicinal farm provides sustenance and education to our people and other peoples in need. Recovering our cultural ways and food sovereignty is of the highest importance.

Due to the toxic waste that has been disposed of upon our community in Ringwood, New Jersey, we have lost the ability to hunt clean game animals and gather traditional wild edibles. We risk losing the knowledge of our healing plants, and with that, the loss of language that is associated with the gathering of them. Food sovereignty gives us an opportunity to heal through cultural regeneration.

At 49:15 Chief Vincent Mann of the Turtle Clan explains the importance of reconnecting to the natural world.

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